Replace the CodeItNow module with the BarcodeLaminas module

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Because of a DMCA takedown of a 3rd party library that the spryker/code-it-now module uses, the spryker/code-it-now module is deprecated. Therefore, migration to the BarcodeLaminas module is required.

This document describes how to replace the deprecated CodeItNow module with BarcodeLaminas.

Migrating from CodeItNow to BarcodeLaminas

Estimated migration time: 10 minutes

To migrate from CodeItNow to BarcodeLaminas, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the deprecated CodeItNow module:
composer remove spryker/code-it-now
  1. Install the replacement BarcodeLaminas module:
composer require spryker/barcode-laminas
  1. In the dependency provider, replace the old Code128BarcodeGeneratorPlugin from spryker/code-it-now with the new plugin from spryker/barcode-laminas:


// Use the new plugin, remove the old one
use Spryker\Service\BarcodeLaminas\Plugin\Code128BarcodeGeneratorPlugin;

class BarcodeDependencyProvider extends SprykerDependencyProvider
     * @return array<\Spryker\Service\BarcodeExtension\Dependency\Plugin\BarcodeGeneratorPluginInterface>
    protected function getBarcodeGeneratorPlugins(): array
        return [
            new Code128BarcodeGeneratorPlugin(),
  1. Generate the transfer objects:
console transfer:generate

To verify that BarcodeLaminas has been installed and works correctly, in the Back Office, go to Catalog > Product Barcodes and check that barcode images are generated successfully.