Create company unit addresses

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This document describes how to create company unit addresses in the Back Office.


Create a company unit address

  1. Go to Customers > Company Unit Addresses.
  2. On the Overview of Business Unit Addresses page, click Create Company Unit Address in the top right corner.
  3. On the Create Company Unit Address page, select a COMPANY.
  4. Select a COUNTRY.
  5. Enter a CITY.
  6. Enter a ZIP CODE.
  7. Enter a STREET.
  8. Optional: Enter a NUMBER.
  9. Optional: Enter an ADDITION TO ADDRESS.
  10. Optional: Enter a COMMENT.
  11. Optional: Enter and select LABELS.
  12. Click Save.

Reference information: Create a company unit address

COMPANY A company to assign this address to. To learn how to create a company, see Create a company.
COUNTRY Country.
CITY City.
ZIP CODE Zip code.
STREET Street name.
NUMBER Building number.
ADDITION TO ADDRESS Any additional address information.
COMMENT A comment about the address.
LABELS Multi-select field with the labels for selection.

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