File details: product_packaging_unit.csv

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This document describes the product_packaging_unit.csv file to configure information about product packaging units in your Spryker shop.

Import file dependencies

File details: product_concrete.csv

Import file parameters

concrete_sku string Concrete product SKU of packaging unit.
lead_product_sku string Lead product concrete SKU.
packaging_unit_type_name string Type a name of the current concrete product.
default_amount optional positive integer
  • Defines how many lead products should be sold together with each quantity of the current product concrete.
  • Effective only if the current concrete product has_lead_product = 1.
is_amount_variable bool integer
  • Allows customers to override default_amount and decide how many lead products will be ordered for each quantity of this product concrete.
amount_min optional positive integer
  • Requires a customer to buy at least this amount of lead products.
  • Effective only if is_amount_variable = 1.
  • Default value is 1 when not provided.
amount_max optional positive integer
  • Restricts a customer from buying more than this value.
  • Effective only if is_amount_variable = 1.
  • Default value remains empty (unlimited) when not provided.
amount_interval optional positive integer
  • Restricts customers to buy the amount that fits into the interval beginning with amount_min.
  • Effective only if is_amount_variable = 1.
  • Default value is amount_min when not provided.

Min = 3; Max = 10; Interval = 2
Choosable: 3, 5, 7, 9

Import file template and content example

template_product_packaging_unit.csv Import file template with headers only.
product_packaging_unit.csv Exemplary import file with the Demo Shop data.

Import file command