Migration guide - ConfigurableBundle

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Upgrading from version 1.* to version 2.0.0

ConfigurableBundle v2.0.0 provides extended database schema and additional plugins for interaction with other modules.

The following details have been changed:

  • Added spryker/product-image module to dependencies.
  • Added spryker/event module dependency for forward-compatibility reasons.
  • Added spy_configurable_bundle_template.is_active table field.
  • Added spy_configurable_bundle_template_slot.name table field.
  • Added spy_product_image_set.fk_resource_configurable_bundle_template table field.
  • Defined index on spy_configurable_bundle_template.name field.
  • Defined index on spy_configurable_bundle_template_slot.name field.
  • Added Zed translations for CRUD related error messages.
  • Defined events for template delete and slot delete.
  • Introduced ConfigurableBundleTemplateSlotProductListDeletePreCheckPlugin.
  • Introduced CartConfigurableBundlePreReloadPlugin.

Estimated migration time: 2-3 hours

To upgrade to the new version of the module, do the following:

  1. Run the following command to update the ConfigurableBundle module and its dependencies version:
composer require spryker/configurable-bundle:"^2.0.0" --update-with-dependencies
  1. Start executing the following SQL to migrate the database:
ALTER TABLE spy_configurable_bundle_template ADD COLUMN name VARCHAR(255) NULL;

Now, ensure that all of the entries from spy_configurable_bundle_template contain string values. Take into account, that the name column actually contains a glossary key for configurable bundle template translation.

  1. When done, execute the following SQL:
ALTER TABLE spy_configurable_bundle_template ALTER COLUMN name SET NOT NULL;
  1. Execute the following command to finish the database migration:
console propel:install
  1. Update transfer objects by running the command:
console transfer:generate
  1. Generate translator cache by running the following command to get the latest Zed translations:
console translator:generate-cache
  1. To disallow deletion of a product list which is already used by configurable bundles template slot, add a corresponding plugin to ProductListDependencyProvider:

namespace Pyz\Zed\ProductList;

use Spryker\Zed\ConfigurableBundle\Communication\Plugin\ProductList\ConfigurableBundleTemplateSlotProductListDeletePreCheckPlugin;
use Spryker\Zed\ProductList\ProductListDependencyProvider as SprykerProductListDependencyProvider;

class ProductListDependencyProvider extends SprykerProductListDependencyProvider
     * @return \Spryker\Zed\ProductListExtension\Dependency\Plugin\ProductListDeletePreCheckPluginInterface[]
    protected function getProductListDeletePreCheckPlugins(): array
        return [
            new ConfigurableBundleTemplateSlotProductListDeletePreCheckPlugin(),
  1. Add a pre-load plugin to CartConfigurableBundlePreReloadPlugin to update the Cart module behavior:

namespace Pyz\Zed\Cart;

use Spryker\Zed\Cart\CartDependencyProvider as SprykerCartDependencyProvider;
use Spryker\Zed\ConfigurableBundleCart\Communication\Plugin\Cart\ConfiguredBundleQuantityPostSavePlugin;
use Spryker\Zed\Kernel\Container;

class CartDependencyProvider extends SprykerCartDependencyProvider
     * @param \Spryker\Zed\Kernel\Container $container
     * @return \Spryker\Zed\CartExtension\Dependency\Plugin\CartOperationPostSavePluginInterface[]
    protected function getPostSavePlugins(Container $container)
        return [
            new ConfiguredBundleQuantityPostSavePlugin(),
  1. Run the following command to apply JS changes:
console frontend:zed:build