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Minubo is the Commerce Intelligence Company for omni-channel brands and retailers – solving the top 3 challenges that commerce companies face in becoming data-driven in an omni-channel environment: strategy, people and technology. Fed by a full omni-channel data base, minubo’s Analytics & Insights App enables both strategic and operational roles to make better, data-driven decisions – every day. Alongside that, minubo’s professional services team helps building the needed infrastructure and processes for a fast-growing omni-channel business. Our customer portfolio includes among others LUSH North America, Scotch & Soda und Intersport.


  • Out-of-the-box integration of all relevant data sources into one omni-channel data warehouse.
  • Low cost of ownership: The solution is hosted in the cloud and the high level of standardization enables the immediate implementation of a data-driven working environment.
  • Easy-to-use analytics tools for every user group – dashboarding, customer segmentation, Web Pivot for ad-hoc analyses, best practice reports, proactive insights und action recommendation among others.
  • Standardized commerce data model based on industry best practices enables a data-driven working environment from day one.
  • The minubo data feeds and already developed integrations to third-party systems enables flexible use of the data.
  • Implementation and enablement is conducted by our in-house advisory and support team.

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