Marketplace Inventory Management feature: Domain model

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The Marketplace Inventory Management implies stock & availability management as well as multiple warehouse stock management for product offers and marketplace products.

Module dependency graph

Module Dependency Graph

Availability Product availability is calculated based on the current stock and amount of reserved items (items in the current open orders). The Availability module calculates the ProductAbstract and ProductConcrete availability, and the calculated availability is persisted. This calculations is crucial to prevent overselling.
AvailabilityGui User interface module to manage the stock and availability information in the Zed Administration Interface.
AvailabilityStorage Manages storage for merchant product offer.
AvailabilityWidget Provides widgets that can determine a product’s availability status.
MerchantStock Provides data structure, facade methods and plugins for extending merchant by merchant stock data.
MerchantStockDataImport Data importer for MerchantStock.
MerchantStockGui Provides Zed UI interface for merchant stock management.
ProductOfferAvailability Provides the core functionality for product offer availability features.
ProductOfferAvailabilityStorage Manages storage for product offer availability data.
ProductOfferStock Allows connecting product offers and their stocks.
ProductOfferStockDataImport Data importer for ProductOfferStock.
ProductOfferStockGui Zed Administrative Interface component for managing stocks for product offers.
Stock Manages products stocks. It is possible to define several storage locations in which products are stored. A product can have multiple stock entries associated with it, and each of these is associated to a storage location. Stocks can be attached only to concrete products. It is also possible to define a product as never out of stock by using a corresponding flag.
StockDataImport This module has demo data and importer for stock.
StockGui Zed Gui for the Stock module.

Domain model

Domain Model