Import file details: merchant_profile.csv

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This document describes the merchant_profile.csv file to configure merchant profile information in your Spryker shop.

Import file dependencies

Import file parameters

merchant_reference String Unique Identifier of the merchant in the system.
contact_person_role String Role the contact person performs.
contact_person_title String A formal salutation for your contact person (for example,Mr, Ms, Mrs, Dr).
contact_person_first_name String First name of the contact person.
contact_person_last_name String Last name of the contact person.
contact_person_phone String Phone number of the contact person.
banner_url String Link to the merchant’s banner
logo_url String Logo URL for the merchant profile.
public_email String Business / public email address for the merchant.
public_phone String Merchant’s public phone number.
description_glossary_key.{ANY_LOCALE_NAME} String Example value: description_glossary_key.en_US Description for the merchant.
banner_url_glossary_key.{ANY_LOCALE_NAME} String Example value: banner_url_glossary_key.en_US Link to the merchant’s banner.
delivery_time_glossary_key.{ANY_LOCALE_NAME} String Example value: delivery_time_glossary_key.en_US Average delivery time defined by the merchant.
terms_conditions_glossary_key.{ANY_LOCALE_NAME} String Example value: terms_conditions_glossary_key.en_US Terms and conditions for the merchant are defined here.
cancellation_policy_glossary_key.{ANY_LOCALE_NAME} String Example value: cancellation_policy_glossary_key.en_US Cancellation policy is defined per merchant here.
imprint_glossary_key.{ANY_LOCALE_NAME} String Example value: imprint_glossary_key.en_US Imprint information per merchant is specified here.
data_privacy_glossary_key.{ANY_LOCALE_NAME} String Example value: data_privacy_glossary_key.en_US Data privacy statement is defined here.
fax_number String Merchant’s fax number.
longitude String This field identifies merchant’s location.
latitude String This field identifies merchant’s location.

Import template file and content example

template_merchant_profile.csv Import file template with headers only.
merchant_profile.csv Example of the import file with Demo Shop data.

Import command

data:import merchant-profile