Import file details: combined_merchant_product_offer.csv

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This document describes the combined_merchant_product_offer.csv file to configure Merchant product offer information in your Spryker shop.

To learn more about bulk importing with the help of the configuration file, see Importing data with a configuration file.

Import file dependencies

  • merchant.csv
  • stores.php configuration file of the demo shop PHP project

Import file parameters

product_offer_reference String Unique Identifier of the merchant product offer in the system.
merchant_product_offer.concrete_sku String Unique SKU of the concrete product the offer is being created for.
merchant_product_offer.merchant_reference String Unique Identifier of the merchant owing the product offer in the system.
merchant_product_offer.merchant_sku String Unique Identifier of the merchant in the system.
merchant_product_offer.is_active Integer 1—is active
0—is not active
Defines whether the offer is active or not.
merchant_product_offer.approval_status String Can be:
  • waiting_for_approval
  • approved
  • denied
Defines the status of the offer in the system.
merchant_product_offer_store.store_name String Name of the store where the offer belongs.
product_offer_stock.stock_name String Stock name is defined as described in the merchant warehouse. Name of the stock.
product_offer_stock.quantity Integer Number of product offers that are in stock.
product_offer_stock.is_never_out_of_stock Integer 1—option is enabled
0—option is disabled.
Allows the offer to be never out of stock.
price_product_offer.price_type String Can be DEFAULT or ORIGINAL. Price type of the product offer. String Value previously defined in the stores.php project configuration. Store where the merchant product offer belongs.
price_product_offer.currency String Defined in the ISO code. Currency of the price.
price_product_offer.value_net Integer Empty price values will be imported as zeros. Net price in cents.
price_product_offer.value_gross Integer Empty price values will be imported as zeros. Gross price in cents.
price_product_offer.price_data.volume_prices Array Price data which can be used to define alternative prices, that is, volume prices, overwriting the given net or gross price values.
product_offer_validity.valid_from Datetime Date and time from which the offer is active.
product_offer_validity.valid_to Datetime Date and time till which the offer is active.

Import template file and content example

template_combined_merchant_product_offer.csv Import file template with headers only.
combined_merchant_product_offer.csv Example of the import file with Demo Shop data.

Import command

data:import --config data/import/common/combined_merchant_product_offer_import_config_{store}.yml