Edit merchant users

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A merchant user is a user that performs tasks on behalf of a merchant in the Merchant Portal. To edit a merchant user in the Back Office, follow the steps:

  1. Go to Marketplace > Merchants.

  2. Next to the merchant you want to edit a merchant user for, click Edit. This opens the Edit Merchant: {Merchant_ID} page.

  3. Click the Users tab.

  4. Next to the merchant user you want to edit, click Edit.

  5. On the Edit Merchant user page, enter any of the following:

  • E-MAIL
  1. Select a STATUS.

  2. Click Save This opens the Edit Merchant: {MERCHANT_ID} page with a success message displayed. The merchant user is displayed in the list.

E-MAIL This email address is used as a username to log into the Merchant Portal.
STATUS Only users with the Active status have access to the Merchant Portal. To be able to active merchant users, the merchant needs to be approved.