Define filter preferences

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This document describes how to create filters and define preferences for them in the Back Office.


  1. Create a product attribute for the filter that you are going to create.
  2. Assign the product attribute to a product variant or assign the product attribute to an abstract product.
  3. To start working with category filter, go to Merchandising > Filter Preferences.

Review the reference information before you start, or look up the necessary information as you go through the process.

Create a category filter and define its filter preferences

  1. On the Filter Preferences page, click Create filter.
  2. On the Create Filter page, enter an ATTRIBUTE KEY.
  3. Select a FILTER TYPE.
  4. Enter a FILTER NAME for each locale.
  5. Click Save. This opens the View Filter page with a success message displayed.
  6. Optional: Sync the filter preferences of the category filter you’ve created with the other filters:
    1. Click List of filters.
    2. On the Filter preferences page, click Synchronize filter preferences. This refreshes the page with a success message displayed.

Reference information: Create a category filter and define its filter preferences

ATTRIBUTE KEY A product attribute the values of which will be used to filter products.
FILTER TYPE Defines how customers select filter values. For more details, see Filter types.
FILTER NAME Name of the filter to be displayed on the Storefront.

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