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This document describes how to create merchants in the Back Office.

In a non-marketplace environment, a merchant is a record of the company which sells goods and is the only one in the system.


Review the reference information before you start, or look up the necessary information as you go through the process.

Create a merchant

  1. Go to Marketplace > Merchants.
  2. On the Overview of Merchants page, click Add Merchant.
  3. On the Create Merchant page, enter a NAME.
  4. Optional: Enter a REGISTRATION NUMBER.
  6. Enter an EMAIL
  7. To make the merchant active after creating it, select the IS ACTIVE checkbox.
  8. For STORE RELATION, select the stores you want the merchant to be active in.
  9. Enter MERCHANT URL for each locale.
  10. Click Save.

Reference information: Create a merchant

NAME Merchant’s name that will be displayed on the Storefront.
REGISTRATION NUMBER Unique registration identifier of the merchant.
MERCHANT REFERENCE Unique merchant identifier in Spryker and an ERP.
EMAIL Merchant’s email address. Each email address can only be used by one merchant.
IS ACTIVE Defines if the merchant’s profile and products will be displayed on the Storefront after you create it.
STORE RELATION The stores in which the merchant’s profile and products will be displayed.
MERCHANT URL URL of the merchant’s profile per store.

Next steps

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