Add customer addresses

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This topic describes how to add customer addresses in the Back Office.


Review the reference information before you start or look up the necessary information as you go through the process.

Add a customer address

  1. Go to Customers > Customers. This opens the Customers page.
  2. Next to the customer you want to add the address to, click View.
  3. On the View page, click Add new Address.
  4. On the Add address page, select a SALUTATION.
  5. Enter a FIRST NAME.
  6. Enter a LAST NAME.
  7. For ADDRESS LINE 1, enter the address.
  8. Optional: For ADDRESS LINE 2 and ADDRESS LINE 3, enter any additional information for the address.
  9. Enter a CITY.
  10. Enter a ZIP CODE.
  11. Select a COUNTRY.
  12. Optional: Enter a PHONE.
  13. Optional: Enter a COMPANY.
  14. Optional: Enter a COMMENT.
  15. Click Save. The View page opens with the address displayed in the ADDRESSES pane.

Tips and tricks The first address added is used for both billing and shipping. To use different addresses, add one more address for the customer and select billing and shipping addresses by editing the customer

Reference information: Add a customer address

The following table describes the attributes you enter and select when adding a new customer address.

SALUTATION Formal salutation.
FIRST NAME First name.
LAST NAME Last name.
ADDRESS LINE 2 Additional information for the address.
ADDRESS LINE 3 Additional information for the address.
CITY City.
COUNTRY Country.
PHONE Phone number.
COMPANY Company. Not to be confused with a B2B company.
COMMENT Any comment about the address. For example, Use only for billing.

Next steps

To select addresses for a customer, edit a customer