CrefoPay capture and refund Processes

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CrefoPay module can have different capture and refund processes:

  • separate transaction for each order item and expense;
  • combined transaction for all order items.

For these purposes, the module has different OMS plugins:

  • CapturePlugin
  • CaptureSplitPlugin
  • RefundPlugin
  • RefundSplitPlugin

You can use the following settings to manage expenses behavior:

  • $config[CrefoPayConstants::CAPTURE_EXPENSES_SEPARATELY]
  • $config[CrefoPayConstants::REFUND_EXPENSES_WITH_LAST_ITEM]

With CapturePlugin in place, the amount of items in order is captured as one transaction. If you use $config[CrefoPayConstants::CAPTURE_EXPENSES_SEPARATELY], separate transaction will be created for all expenses. CaptureSplitPlugin triggers a separate transaction for each order item.

RefundSplitPlugin triggers a separate refund call for each order item that you want to refund. RefundPlugin implemented for case when you want to refund amount that can be more than item amount.


You’ll get an exception if you trigger Refund process for items with different CaptureIDs (items captured in different transactions).

$config[CrefoPayConstants::REFUND_EXPENSES_WITH_LAST_ITEM] allows you to refund expenses. It refunds them after the last item has been refunded.