Marketplace Merchant Custom Prices feature: Domain model and relationships

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The Marketplace Merchant Custom Prices feature allows merchants to define custom prices for specific business units of B2B customers via the Merchant Portal Product Price UI.

Module dependency graph

The following diagram illustrates the dependencies between the modules for the Marketplace Merchant Custom Prices feature.

Module Dependency Graph

PriceProduct Provides functionality related to product prices, price persistence and current price resolvers per currency/price mode.
PriceProductMerchantRelationship Provides the database schema and the required plugins for specific product prices per merchant relationship.
PriceProductMerchantRelationshipMerchantPortalGui Provides components for managing price product merchant relationships.
ProductMerchantPortalGui Provides components for managing marketplace products.

Domain model

The following schema illustrates the Marketplace Merchant Custom Prices domain model:

Domain Model