Product Sets: Module relations

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The Product Set feature consists of the following modules:

ProductSet Manages the Product Sets feature’s core functionalities, such as persisting all related data to database and reading from it. It also provides the Client functionality to list Product Sets from Search.
ProductSetCollector Provides full Collector logic to export product sets to Search and Storage.
ProductSetGui Provides a Back Office UI to create, list, update, delete, and reorder product sets.

The ProductSet module provides a spy_product_set table that stores some non-localized data about Product Sets entities. Localized data is stored in the spy_product_set_data table. These tables, along with their related URLs and product image sets, contain all the necessary data about Product Sets entities that you can list on the Storefront or show their representing Product details pages.

The products in product sets and their sorting positions are stored in the spy_product_abstract_set table.

Product Set Database schema