Edit CMS blocks

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This document describes how to edit CMS blocks in the Back Office.


Review the reference information before you start, or look up the necessary information as you go through the process.

Edit a CMS block

  1. Go to Content Management > Blocks. This opens the Blocks page.
  2. Next to the block you want to edit, click Edit Block. This opens the Edit CMS Block page.
  3. For STORE RELATION, do the following:
    • Clear the checkboxes next to the stores you want to stop displaying the block in.
    • Select the stores you want to start displaying the block in.
  4. Select a TEMPLATE.
  5. Enter a NAME.
  6. Select a VALID FROM date.
  7. Select a VALID TO date.
  8. For PRODUCTS, do the following:
    • Next to the products you want to deassign, click x.
    • Enter and select products you want to assign.
  9. Click Save. This refreshes the page with a success message displayed.
  10. Email blocks: If you’ve updated the NAME, pass it to your development team to update the name of the respective email template.

Reference information: Edit a CMS block

STORE RELATION Stores in which the block is displayed. Irrelevant.
TEMPLATE Defines the layout of the block. A developer can create more templates. Defines the layout of the email block. A developer can create more templates.
NAME The name is used when assigning the block to a slot in a page. The name should correspond to the name defined in the email template the block will be assigned to.
VALID FROM and VALID TO Dates that inclusively specify when the block is visible on the Storefront. Irrelevant.
PRODUCTS Products to which the block is assigned. The block is displayed on the products’ details pages. Irrelevant.