Create company units

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This document describes how to create company units.


Create a company unit

  1. Go to Customers > Company Units.
  2. On the Company Units page, click Create Company Business Unit.
  3. On the Create Company Business Unit page, select a COMPANY.
  4. Optional: Select a PARENT.
  5. Enter a NAME.
  6. Optional: Enter an IBAN.
  7. Optional: Enter a BIC.
  8. Click Save. This opens the Company Units page. The created company business unit is displayed in the list.

Reference information: Create a company unit

COMPANY A company to create the unit for.
PARENT A parent unit for the unit you are creating.
NAME Name. It will be displayed in the Back Office and on the Storefront.
IBAN International Bank Account Number.
BIC Bank Identifier Code.

Next steps

Add addresses to the company unit. For instructions, see Edit company units