Edit company unit addresses

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To edit a company unit address in the Back Office, do the following:

  1. Go to Customers > Company Unit Addresses.
  2. On the Overview of Business Unit Addresses page, next to the company unit address you want to edit, click Edit Business Unit Address
  3. On the Edit Business Unit Address page, select a COMPANY.
  4. Select a COUNTRY.
  5. Enter a CITY.
  6. Enter a ZIP CODE.
  7. Enter a STREET.
  8. Enter a NUMBER.
  10. Enter a COMMENT.
  11. Enter and select LABELS.
  12. Deassign labels by clicking x next to the labels you want to deassign.
  13. Click Save. This refreshes the page with a success message displayed.

Reference information: Edit company unit addresses

COMPANY A company this address is assigned to.
COUNTRY Country.
CITY City.
ZIP CODE Zip code.
STREET Street name.
NUMBER Building number.
ADDITION TO ADDRESS Any additional address information.
COMMENT A comment about the address.
LABELS Multi-select field with the labels for selection.