Edit filter preferences

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This document describes how to edit filter preferences of category filters in the Back Office.


To start working with filter preferences, go to Merchandising > Filter Preferences.

Review the reference information before you start, or look up the necessary information as you go through the process.

Edit filter preferences of a category filter

  1. Next to the filter you want to edit, click Edit.
  2. Update any of the following:
    • Select a FILTER TYPE
    • Enter a FILTER NAME for any locale.
  3. Click Save. This opens the View Filter page with a success message displayed.
  4. Optional: Sync the filter preferences of the category filter you’ve updated with the other filters:
    1. Click List of filters.
    2. On the Filter preferences page, click Synchronize filter preferences. This refreshes the page with a success message displayed.

Reference information: Edit filter preferences of a category filter

ATTRIBUTE KEY The product attribute this filter is filtering products by. You can use a different attribute only by creating a category filter from scratch.
FILTER TYPE Defines how customers select filter values. For more details, see Filter types.
FILTER NAME Name of the filter on the Storefront.