Merchant B2B Contracts feature overview

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In the B2B partnership, which is usually based on contracts, the selling company is also referred to as a merchant, and the buyer is often represented by a business unit of a buying company. In the Spryker B2B shop system, the merchant relation entity is used to connect merchants and buyers together.

There are three key figures: marketplace owner, merchant, and buyer.

  • The marketplace owner owns the platform and acts as a broker between merchants and buyers.
  • The merchants are sellers usually represented by a company.
  • The buyers are often business units of companies that purchase products or services from the merchants.

The business relationships between merchants and buyers are usually based on contracts.

A Back Office user can create merchants and merchant relations. See Create merchants and Create merchant relations to learn how to do that.

A developer can also import merchants and merchant relations.

Check out this video tutorial on how to set up merchants and merchant relations:

Create merchants
Edit merchants
Create merchant relations
Edit merchant relations
Merchant B2B Contracts feature integration
Install the Merchant feature