Product Images overview

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Product Images make your shop more appealing and give your customers a better idea of what they are buying. The feature lets you group several images into sets and link them to products. One product can have several named and localized sets of images, for example, to present standard or seasonal highlights.

Different image sets can be used in CMS Pages and Blocks, for marketing and promotional purposes or simply to increase branding in your store.

To ensure a high performance and fast site speed, the images are integrated from separate hosting servers.

You can enjoy the following benefits of the feature:

  • One product can have several names and localized sets of images
  • Small and large images
  • Adjustable sort order of images in a set
  • Possibility to create different image sets for different use cases on different pages per product
  • Possibility to define the order of images to be displayed on frontend
Assign images to a product
Assign images to categories