Integrating the Invoice payment method for RatePay

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Payment Flow Scenario

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Cancellation Flow Scenario

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Partial Cancellation Flow Scenario

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Refund Flow Scenario

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Integrating RatePAY Invoice Payment

To integrate invoice payment, you need to: RatePAY invoice payment configuration and call the facade functions.

Setting RatePAY Invoice Configuration

The configuration to integrate invoice payments using RatePAY is:

  • PROFILE_ID: merchant’s login (required).

  • SECURITY_CODE: merchant’s password (required).

  • SHOP_ID: shop identifier (required).

  • SYSTEM_ID: system identifier (required).

  • CLIENT_VERSION: client system version.

  • CLIENT_NAME: client name.

  • RATEPAY_REQUEST_VERSION: request version.


  • MODE: the mode of the transaction, either test or live (required).

  • API_TEST_URL: test mode API url.

  • API_LIVE_URL: live mode API url.

Perform Requests

To perform the needed requests, use the RatePAY State Machine Commands and Conditions . You can also use the facademethodsdirectly which, however, are invoked by the state machine.