Integrating the installment payment method for Payolution

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Installment Scenarios

Standard Case

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Full Refund

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Partial Refund

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Integrating Payolution Installment Payment

The In order to integrate installment payment, two simple steps are needed: setting Payolution installment payment configuration and calling the facade functions.

Setting Payolution Installment Configuration

As installment requests use additional type of requests called Calculation Requests, two groups of configuration are defined: transaction configuration for handling the basic requests (pre-authorization, re-authorization, etc), and calculation configuration for handling calculation requests. The configuration to integrate installment payments using Payolution is:

  • TRANSACTION_GATEWAY_URL: the gateway URL to connect with Payolution services (required).
  • CALCULATION_GATEWAY_URL: the gateway URL to connect with Payolution calculation service (required).
  • TRANSACTION_SECURITY_SENDER: the sender id (required).
  • TRANSACTION_USER_LOGIN: the sender username (required).
  • TRANSACTION_USER_PASSWORD: the sender password (required).
  • CALCULATION_SENDER: the sender name for the calculation request (optional, default is Spryker).
  • CALCULATION_USER_LOGIN: the sender username for the calculation request (required).
  • CALCULATION_USER_PASSWORD: the sender password for the calculation request (required).
  • TRANSACTION_MODE: the mode of the transaction, either test or live (required).
  • CALCULATION_MODE: the mode of the calculation, either test or live (required).
  • TRANSACTION_CHANNEL_PRE_CHECK: a Payolution channel for handling pre-check requests, in case of using Pre-check (optional).
  • TRANSACTION_CHANNEL_INSTALLMENT: a Payolution channel for handling installment requests except Pre-check and calculation as they have their own channel (required).
  • CALCULATION_CHANNEL: a Payolution channel for handling calculation requests (required).
  • MIN_ORDER_GRAND_TOTAL_INSTALLMENT: the allowed minimum order grand total amount for installment payments in the shop e.g. the minimum allowed payment is $2 (required).
  • MAX_ORDER_GRAND_TOTAL_INSTALLMENT: the allowed maximum order grand total amount for installment payments in the shop e.g. the maximum allowed payment is $5000 (required).
  • PAYOLUTION_BCC_EMAIL_ADDRESS: Payolution email address to send copies of payment details to Payolution.