Import file details: order-status.csv

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This document describes the order-status.csv file to configure the update of the regular order status information in your Spryker shop.

Import file parameters

Order_reference Must be unique. Identifier of the order in the system.
order_item_reference String Must be unique. Identifier of the item in the order.
order_item_event_oms String OMS events depend on the state machine configured. Desired order item state. Only this parameter is updated in the database

Additional information

When the order item status is updated by importing the CSV file, the corresponding events in a state machine are triggered, and the state gets updated. As an order may contain several order items, the CSV file can have several rows of items for the same order.

Order_item_reference can repeat and have different states in the file, for example, in one case, packed and then shipped. That allows you to update the item through different state machine statuses (for example, packed and shipped) and avoid errors. If the order item doesn’t follow the existing sequence (the statuses flow in the state machine), the state won’t be updated, and you will get an error.

Import template file and content example

template_order-status.csv Import file template with headers only.
order-status.csv Example of the import file with Demo Shop data.

Import command

order-oms:status-import order-status