Spryker Code Upgrader

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Keeping enterprise software up-to-date is a known hurdle, especially when it comes to sophisticated transactional business models with complex customizations. Current upgrade strategies often require a high investment of time, resources, and money that projects would rather spend on innovation. At the same time, low upgrade frequency comes with reduced access to security, improvements, patches, and new features. Spryker Code Upgrader (the Upgrader) addresses the challenges of an application’s upgradability. The Upgrader is a combination of the upgrade tool and Spryker CI.

Upgrade tool

The upgrade tool evaluates the code of a project and compares it to the latest Spryker release. Then, it creates a PR with updated modules, which you can process as part of your development workflow.

Spryker CI

Spryker CI is powered by Buddy and provides an intuitive UI for a seamless CI/CD experience. It enables the upgrade tool to deliver continuous upgrades to your project.

CI pipelines

Spryker CI ships with an upgrade tool pipeline per project. The pipelines are used to automate the process of running the upgrade tool.

Semi-automated upgrade process

Based on the upgrade schedule, the Upgrader checks the connected branch of your application’s repository. If updates were released since your last upgrade, the Upgrader creates a PR. The PR contains minor and patch module versions, which you need to review and merge. If there are major updates, the PR will contain instructions for a manual upgrade.

You can change the upgrade schedule to better fit your development process.

Availability of Spryker Code Upgrader

The Upgrader is shipped with PaaS+ in the EU and US regions.

Next steps

How Spryker Code Upgrader works