Email invoices using BCC

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Every time you generate an invoice for your customer’s orders, it is sent to the customer’s email address. If you also need a copy of the invoice, you can include yourself or your employees to BCC recipients of the emails with the invoices. Since the copy is hidden, when customers receive the email, they do not see other recipients’ email addresses.


BCC is the only way to keep invoices for your reference because the generated invoices are not saved in the Back Office or on the Storefront.

To configure emailing BCC for the generated invoice, in SalesInvoiceConfig.php file, add the getOrderInvoiceBcc() method and specify the email addresses and name of the recipient as shown in the example:

namespace Pyz\Zed\SalesInvoice;

    public function getOrderInvoiceBcc(): string
        return [
           (new \Generated\Shared\Transfer\MailRecipientTransfer())
               ->setEmail(email: '')
               ->setName(name: 'Sales team'),

When configured, this method sends a hidden copy of each invoice to the specified email address.

You can also force sending the additional copies of all generated invoices to customer’s email and to the email addresses specified in the getOrderInvoiceBCC() method:

console order:invoice --force

To send the additional copies for not all, but for specific orders only, specify the order ID after the force flag. For example, if you want to receive an additional copy of the invoice for order 1, use this command:

console order:invoice --force 1