Migration guide - Refund

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Upgrading from version 4.* to version 5.*

Version 4 of the Refund module no longer uses SalesAggregatorFacade , it was replaced with SalesFacade. The RefundCalculator business class must now replace RefundToSalesAggregatorInterface with the RefundToSalesInterface bridge. To learn more see Migration Guide - Calculation.

Upgrading from version 2.* to version 3.*

To migrate the Refund module from version 2 to version 3, follow these steps: Version 3 of the Refund module was completely rebuilt; the SalesAggregator is used to get a calculated OrderTransfer and plugins are used to change the refundable amount calculation behaviour. The RefundFacade has completely changed and exposes only two methods.

Check your code and where you make use of the RefundFacade change your implementation to use the new methods from the RefundFacade.

These methods are:

  • RefundFacade::calculateRefund(array $salesOrderItems, SpySalesOrder $salesOrderEntity)`
  • RefundFacade::saveRefund(RefundTransfer $refundTransfer)

You need to:

  1. Rename method RefundFacade::calculateRefundableAmount() to RefundFacade::calculateRefund() and pass needed arguments to it. calculateRefund() will return a RefundTransfer which holds the refundable amount.
  2. When refund process of payment provider is done and accepted, pass the RefundTransfer to RefundFacade::saveRefund().
  3. Refund view in sales order detail page can be activated by adding 'refund' => '/refund/sales/list' to SalesConfig::getSalesDetailExternalBlocksUrls().