Create marketplace concrete products

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This document describes how to create marketplace concrete products.


To start working with marketplace concrete products, go to Merchant Portal > Products.

This document contains reference information. Make sure to review it before you start, or look up the necessary information as you go through the process.

Creating a marketplace concrete product

You can create a marketplace concrete product in two ways:

To add a concrete product to the existing abstract product:

  1. Hover over the three dots next to the abstract product for which you will create a concrete product and click Manage Product or just click the line. The [Product name] drawer opens.
  2. Navigate to the Concrete Products tab.
  3. On the Concrete Products page, click Add Concrete Products. The Create Concrete Products for [Abstract product name SKU] drawer opens.
  4. Based on the super attributes selected while creating an abstract product, add or select values to the existing super attributes. Upon adding the super attribute values, the preview of the concrete products is displayed.

Removing a super attribute or its value removes the appropriate concrete products or concrete product values from the preview.

  1. Click Save.

You can remove a concrete product from the preview list by clicking the Remove icon.

Once the product is created, it needs to be activated. Only the active marketplace products are displayed on the Marketplace Storefront.

Reference information: Create Concrete Products for [Abstract product name SKU]

This page contains a drop-down menu that displays super attribute values based on a super attribute selected while creating a marketplace abstract product. When you select a product attribute value, a concrete product based on this value is displayed. In the Concrete Products’ Preview pane, you can view the products to be created.

By selecting Autogenerate SKUs, the SKU numbers for the concrete products are generated automatically, based on the SKU prefix of their abstract product.

By selecting Same Name as Abstract Product, the name of the abstract product is used for the concrete products as well.

Next steps

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