Install the Product Group + Cart feature

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Install feature core

Follow the steps below to install Product group + Cart feature core.


To start feature integration, overview and install the necessary features

Cart 202311.0
Product Labels 202311.0

Set up behavior

Register the following plugin:

AddToCartUrlProductViewExpanderPlugin Expands ProductViewTransfer with the URL to add product to cart. None SprykerShop\Yves\ProductLabelWidget\Plugin\ProductGroupWidget

namespace Pyz\Yves\ProductGroupWidget;

use SprykerShop\Yves\CartPage\Plugin\ProductGroupWidget\AddToCartUrlProductViewExpanderPlugin;
use SprykerShop\Yves\ProductGroupWidget\ProductGroupWidgetDependencyProvider as SprykerShopProductGroupWidgetDependencyProvider;

class ProductGroupWidgetDependencyProvider extends SprykerShopProductGroupWidgetDependencyProvider
     * @return \SprykerShop\Yves\ProductGroupWidgetExtension\Dependency\Plugin\ProductViewExpanderPluginInterface[]
    protected function getProductViewExpanderPlugins(): array
        return [
            new AddToCartUrlProductViewExpanderPlugin(),

Make sure that the correct path to add product to cart is displayed for products in products set:

  1. Open a product details page with a product set.
  2. Hover over the Add to Cart button.
  3. Make sure that the correct URL to add the product to cart is displayed.
  4. Hover over a color selector to switch to a different abstract product.
  5. Hover over the Add to Cart button.
  6. Make sure that the URL to add the product to cart corresponds to the new product.