Create users

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This document describes how to create users in the Back Office.


Create a user

  1. Go to Users > Users.
  2. On the Users page, click Add New User.
  3. On the Create new User page, enter an E-MAIL.
  4. Enter a PASSWORD.
  5. For REPEAT PASSWORD, enter the same password once again.
  6. Enter a FIRST NAME.
  7. Enter a LAST NAME.
  8. For ASSIGNED GROUPS, select one or more user groups you want to assign this user to.
  9. Optional: To make this user an agent, select THIS USER IS AN AGENT.
  10. Optional: To make the user a warehouse user, select WAREHOUSE USER.
  11. For INTERFACE LANGUAGE, select a language suitable for the user.
  12. Click Create.

This opens the Users page with the success message displayed. The created user is displayed in the list.

Reference information: Create users

E-MAIL Email address of the user. It will be used for logging in, resetting password, and getting notifications.
PASSWORD The user will be using this password to log in.
REPEAT PASSWORD Password confirmation.
FIRST NAME User’s first name.
LAST NAME User’s last name.
ASSIGNED GROUPS User groups to assign this user to. User groups define what areas and actions the user will have access to. To learn how to create user groups, see Create user groups.
AGENT Defines if this user is an agent assist
WAREHOUSE USER Defines if this user works in a warehouse to fulfill orders.
INTERFACE LANGUAGE Defines the interface language of the Back Office for this user.