Payment Service Provider

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The Payment Service Provider PBC enables different kinds of payment methods, like credit cards of gift cards, to be used by customers. You can configure multiple payment methods to be available in your shop. The variety of third-party payment solutions let you find the best payment methods for your business requirements.

The capability consists of a base shop and the marketplace addon. The base shop features are needed for running a regular shop in which your company is the only entity fulfilling orders. To run a marketplace, the features from both the base shop and the marketplace addon are required.

Spryker offers the following Payment Service Providers (PSP) integrations:

Spryker Pay Yes No
Adyen No No
After Pay No No
Braintree No No
Crefo Pay No No
Computop No No
Easycredit No No
Optile No No
Payone No Yes
Ratepay No No
Unzer Yes No