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When Shipping gets serious.

Paazl is a multi-carrier platform on a mission to change the world of e-commerce delivery. The Paazl technology connects e-commerce brands and retailers to a wide range of global, national and inner-city delivery carriers. Through Paazl’s solutions we take care of everything delivery related, from dynamic delivery information and Track & Trace notifications in the front-end to customs forms and label generation in the back-end. By implementing Paazl, e-commerce brands can provide their customers with a wide range of delivery options. In a nutshell, Paazl provides the tools to scale delivery and create more – and better – delivery choices for e-commerce customers.


  • Carrier Management
  • Efficiency: All shipping information, labeling and tracking in one place
  • Flexibility: Adding and changing carriers and delivery options as needed
  • Connectivity: Seamless integration with warehouse and customer service
  • Delivery Experience
  • Real-time Calculation: Show best delivery option based on order details
  • Arrival times: The ETA is based on carrier and custom business rules
  • Integration: Easy and fully customizable with REST API

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