Create customers

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This document describes how to create customers in the Back Office.


Review the reference information before you start or look up the necessary information as you go through the process.

Create a customer

  1. Go to Customers > Customers.

  2. On the Customers page, click Add Customer.

  3. On the Add a customer page, enter an EMAIL.

  4. Select a SALUTATION.

  5. Enter a FIRST NAME.

  6. Enter a LAST NAME.

  7. Optional: Select a GENDER.

  8. Optional: Select a DATE OF BIRTH.

  9. Optional: Enter a PHONE.

  10. Optional: Enter a COMPANY.

  11. Optional: Select a LOCALE.

  12. To send a password change link to the customer’s EMAIL, select the SEND PASSWORD TOKEN THROUGH EMAIL checkbox.

  13. Click Save.

    This opens the Customers page with a success message displayed. The customer is displayed in the list.

Tips and tricks

Once you create a customer, a verification email is sent to their email address, while their STATUS is Unverified. After they click the verification link, their status changes to Verified.

Reference information: Create a customer

EMAIL Email address to be used for the account.
SALUTATION Formal salutation.
FIRST NAME First name.
LAST NAME Last name.
GENDER Gender.
DATE OF BIRTH Date of birth.
PHONE Phone number.
COMPANY Company. Not to be confused with a B2B company.
LOCALE Locale.
SEND PASSWORD TOKEN THROUGH EMAIL If you select the checkbox, after saving the customer, an email will be sent to the customer containing a link. By accessing the link, the customer will be able to set a password for the account. If you don’t select this option, the customer will still be able request this email on the Storefront.

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