Marketplace Merchant Portal Core feature overview

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The Marketplace Merchant Portal Core enables server configuration and basic functions of the Merchant Portal application, such as secure login, GUI tables, and dashboards. Merchant Portal and Back Office are separate applications with different entry points, bootstraps, and possibilities to register application plugins, configure application base URLs, and debug.

To learn more about the Marketplace Application, see Marketplace Application Composition.

Login and logout in the Merchant Portal are provided by the SecurityMerchantPortalGui module, which also provides the MerchantUserSecurityPlugin for extending the Merchant Portal firewall.

Module dependency graph

The following diagram illustrates the dependencies between the modules for the Marketplace Merchant Portal Core feature.

Modules relation

Main Marketplace MerchantPortal Core feature modules

The following table lists the main MerchantPortal Core modules:

Acl Acl is part of the Store Administration. The purpose of this module is to define roles, groups, privileges, and resources to manage access privileges to Zed Administration Interface.
AclEntity This module provides a database structure for AclEntitySegment and AclEntityRule as well as methods for managing them.
AclMerchantPortal Acl and merchant entities are connected through this module.
GuiTable This module provides base functionality for building GuiTables.
MerchantPortalApplication This module provides basic infrastructure for the MerchantPortal modules.
MerchantUser Merchant user module provides data structure, facade methods and plugins that let users relate to merchants.
MerchantUserPasswordResetMail This module provides possibility to reset password for the merchant user.
Navigation This module manages multiple navigation menus that can be displayed on the frontend.
SecurityMerchantPortalGui This module provides security rules and authentication for merchant users.
UserMerchantPortalGui This module module provides components for merchant user management.
ZedUi This module provides base UI components for Zed application.

Optional Marketplace MerchantPortal Core feature modules

The following table lists optional MerchantPortal Core modules:

DashboardMerchantPortalGui This module contains the dashboard and its related components for the Merchant Portal.
DashboardMerchantPortalGuiExtension This module provides extension interfaces for the DashboardMerchantPortalGui module.
MerchantUserExtension This module provides plugin interfaces to extend MerchantUser module from another modules.
UserMerchantPortalGuiExtension This module provides plugin interfaces to extend the UserMerchantPortalGui module from the other modules.

Domain model

The following schema illustrates the Marketplace MerchantPortal Core domain model:

Domain model

Gui Table

GuiTable is a Spryker infrastructure component, which displays data as tables and provides search, filtering, sorting, and various interactions with table rows. GuiTable components are widely used in the Marketplace Merchant Portal for displaying orders, offers, and products. The GuiTable frontend component knows how to create the table itself, where to go for the data, and how to interpret the provided data based on the configuration provided.

Table design

To learn more about table design, see Table design.

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