Marketplace Return Management feature: Domain model and relationships

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With the Marketplace Return Management feature, marketplace merchants can manage their returns.

Module dependency graph

The following diagram illustrates the dependencies between the modules for the Marketplace Return Management feature.

Entity diagram

MerchantSalesReturn Provides functionality to link merchant to the sales returns.
MerchantSalesReturnGui Provides Backoffice UI for the merchant sales returns.
MerchantSalesReturnMerchantUserGui Provides Backoffice UI for managing merchant user sales returns.
MerchantSalesReturnWidget Provides merchant information for the sales returns on the Storefront.
MerchantSalesReturnsRestApi Provides REST API endpoints to manage merchant sales returns.
SalesReturn Handles order returns.
SalesReturnExtension Provides interfaces of plugins to extend SalesReturn module from other modules.

Domain model

The following schema illustrates the Marketplace Return Management domain model:

Entity diagram