Install Vertex

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This document describes how to integrate Vertex into a Spryker shop.


Before integrating Vertex, ensure the following prerequisites are met:

  • Make sure your project is ACP-enabled. See App Composition Platform installation for details.

  • The Vertex app catalog page lists specific packages that must be installed or upgraded before you can use the Vertex app. To check the list of the necessary packages, in the Back Office, go to Apps-> Vertex. Ensure that your installation meets these requirements.

  • Make sure that your deployment pipeline executes database migrations.

  • You are using NET prices in your Spryker project. Keep in mind that the Vertex integration only works with NET prices, as it is assumed that businesses using the app are unable to determine GROSS prices.

Installation steps

To install Vertex, integrate the ACP connector module and the Vertex app:

  1. Integrate ACP connector module for tax calculation
  2. Integrate the Vertex app