Create company roles

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This document describes how to create company roles in the Back Office.


Create a company role

  1. Go to Company Account > Company Roles.
  2. On the Company Roles page, in the top right corner, click Add Company User Role.
  3. On the Create Company Role page, select a COMPANY.
  4. Enter a NAME
  5. To automatically apply this role to every new user of the company, select IS DEFAULT.
  6. Optional: For UNASSIGNED PERMISSIONS section, select the permissions to assign to this role.
  7. Click Save. This opens the Company Roles page with a success message displayed. The created role is displayed in the list.

Reference information: Create a company role

COMPANY A company to create this role for.
NAME Unique identifier of the role.
IS DEFAULT Defines if this role will be used by default for all the new company users created. If the selected COMPANY already has a default role, by selecting this option you change the default role to this one.
UNASSIGNED PERMISSIONS Permissions that define what a company user with this rule can do. The permissions are defined on a code level.

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