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Cycle of e-commerce

Tradebyte operates a modern ecosystem for digital commerce and offers SaaS solutions (TB.One, TB.PIM and TB.Market) for the electronic exchange of data amongst manufacturers, brands, retailers and marketplaces. More than 650 vendors, such as Guess, Hallhuber and Christ, and more than 90 retailers and marketplaces, such as Amazon, Otto and Zalando, in 17 countries are connected through the Tradebyte ecosystem. Since May 2016, Tradebyte has been a subsidiary of Zalando SE.


  • The Tradebyte ecosystem provides answers to the challenges of the digital transformation in commerce and enables the seamless interconnection of manufacturers, traders and retailers in the digital supply chain.
  • Consistent and standardised exchange formats and transmission paths – supported end-to- end by Tradebyte – enable a fully-automatic and always synchronous data flow.
  • Highly-scalable SaaS solutions building on the modern ecosystem, provide the necessary functions out-of-the-box.
  • The Tradebyte ecosystem overcomes barriers and saves resources with a short time-to-market.

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