Add delivery methods

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This doc describes how to add delivery methods in the Back Office.


Add a delivery method

  1. Go to Administration > Delivery Methods.
  2. On the Delivery Methods page, click Create new delivery method.
  3. On the Create page, enter a Delivery Method Key.
  4. Enter a NAME.
  5. Select a CARRIER.
  6. Optional: Select an AVAILABILITY PLUGIN.
  7. Optional: Select a PRICE PLUGIN.
  8. Optional: Select a DELIVERY TIME PLUGIN.
  9. To activate the delivery method after creating it, select IS ACTIVE.
  10. Click the Price & Tax tab.
  11. Enter the required prices per required locales.
  12. Select a TAX SET.
  13. Click the Store Relation tab.
  14. In AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING STORE(S), select the stores to display the delivery method for.
  15. Click Save. This opens the Delivery Methods page with a success message displayed. The created delivery method is displayed in the list.

Reference information: Add delivery methods

DELIVERY METHOD KEY The unique identifier of the delivery method.
NAME The name of the delivery method to be displayed on the Storefront.
CARRIER The carrier company that will be handling the delivery of this method. To add one, see Add carrier companies.
AVAILABILITY PLUGIN The plugin that checks if the delivery method is available for the customer. A developer can create plugins.
PRICE PLUGIN The plugin that calculates the price of delivery. If you select a price plugin, it will override the prices specified in the Price & Tax tab. A developer can create plugins.
DELIVERY TIME PLUGIN The plugin that calculates the estimated delivery time. A developer can create plugins.
IS ACTIVE Defines if customers will be able to choose the delivery method on the Storefront.
TAX SET The tax set to apply to the price of the method. To create tax sets, see Create tax sets.
AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING STORE(S) Defines which stores the method will be available for.