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Partner Information


PROCLANE Integration is a leading German integration house and specializes in connecting. SAP and other ERP systems to eCommerce solutions, such as those required for real-time processes in B2B shops. The integration platform "PROCLANE IntegrationMan" already provides around 80% of all processes for the SAP connection of online shops as standard. Integration projects can therefore be implemented very efficiently. In addition to connecting ERP systems to online shops, IntegrationMan can also be used to flexibly integrate PIM, CRM or payment systems.


  • Standardized solution for many requirements in ERP / Spryker integration
  • Optimization of all internal data and processes for eCommerce
  • Fully automated transactions
  • Automatic and secure data transmission
  • Easy entry, flexibly expandable
  • Marketplace and logistics connection possible
  • Live monitoring and error handling
  • Increased efficiency and cost savings
  • SAP-certified solution

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For further information on this partner and integration into Spryker, please contact us.