RatePay payment workflow

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Invoice, Prepayment and Direct Debit methods have the same request flow. The payment workflow consists of the following requests:

  • PAYMENT INIT- Initialize the transaction and get a valid transaction-id.
  • PAYMENT QUERY- Check the customer and order details, perform a configurable risk scoring, retrieve the payment products permitted in the given context. The PAYMENT_QUERY full can be booked with a guaranteed acceptance. This means that all products given back will be accepted by a following PAYMENT_REQUEST.
  • PAYMENT REQUEST- Check the customer and order details, perform risk scoring, return either customer acceptance or rejection.
  • PAYMENT CONFIRM- Finalize the payment process.
  • CONFIRMATION DELIVER- Immediately after the ordered goods have been delivered to the customer, the merchant must send a Confirmation Deliver message to the RatePAY Gateway.

Installment method has additional requests for installment calculator:

  • CONFIGURATION REQUEST- Retrieve the stored configuration parameters for a certain merchant profile.
  • CALCULATION REQUEST- Provides an installment plan depending on the request parameters and stored parameters of the merchant profile.

Payment Change Workflow

Trigger payment change processing and fee charging:

  • PAYMENT CHANGEcancellation - Merchant cancels some or all items of the order.
  • PAYMENT CHANGErefund - Merchant returns some or all items of the order.

Payment Workflow Diagram

Payment Workflow Diagram

Checkout and Delivery process flow

RatePay - Checkout Delivery Process Flow