Manage file list

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The File List section is a way to quickly review all the files from the file tree.


In the File List section, you can manage files that have already been uploaded to the file tree.

To start working with the file list, navigate to File Manager>File List.

Viewing files

View file lets you view and download a file.

To view a file:

  1. On the File List page in the Actions column, click View.
  2. On the View File page, you see the version, file name, the date and time when the file was uploaded.

You can maintain multiple versions of any file. See Versions for more information. Editing files below explains how to add multiple versions of a file.

Tips and tricks

On this page, you can download the file:

  1. Click Download in the Actions column.
  2. Follow the download pop-up instructions.

Editing files

Edit file lets you edit a file’s attributes, upload multiple versions of a file, and manage file versions.

To edit a file’s attributes:

  1. On the File List page in the Actions column, click Edit.
  2. On the Edit File page, on the File tab, update the attributes.
  3. Click Save.

To upload another version of a file:

  1. In the File Upload section, click Choose File.
  2. Optionally change the file name and the Alt and Title fields for each locale.
  3. Click Save.
Creating a new version of a file
  • A new version is created when you upload a new file.
  • If you only edit the attributes, no new version is created.

The Edit File page also displays an additional tab named File versions. The File versions tab lists the version of the file and lets you manage versions of a file.

Tips and tricks

In the File versions tab, you can manage versions of a file by:

  • Removing unneeded versions. To permanently remove a version of the file, click Delete in the Actions column. Before deleting, read Deleting files below.
  • Downloading a specific version of the file. Click Download in the Actions column.

Deleting files

If the file is no longer needed, you can permanently delete it from the system.

To delete a file, in the Actions column, click Delete for a file you want to remove.


Selecting Delete in the Actions column immediately deletes the file. There is no confirmation message before the delete occurs. The delete action cannot be undone.