Upgrade the CmsCollector module

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Upgrading from version 1.* to version 2.*

Upgrade the spryker/cms module to at least 6.2 version. See Migration Guide - CMS for more details. Upgrade the spryker/cms-content-widget module to at least 1.1 version if you use CmsPageCollectorParameterMapExpanderPlugin plugin. CMS page data expander plugins are applied by the spryker/cms module instead of the spryker/cms-collector module:

  • Amend your custom CMS page collector data expander plugins to use CmsPageDataExpanderPluginInterface plugin interface instead of the deprecated CmsPageCollectorDataExpanderPluginInterface plugin interface.
  • If you use CmsPageCollectorParameterMapExpanderPlugin plugin, replace it with CmsPageParameterMapExpanderPlugin plugin.
  • Register your CMS page data expander plugins to spryker/cms module in the CmsDependencyProvider dependency provider.

Example of CMS data expander plugin registration

namespace Pyz\Zed\Cms;

use Spryker\Zed\Cms\CmsDependencyProvider as SprykerCmsDependencyProvider;
use Spryker\Zed\CmsContentWidget\Communication\Plugin\CmsPageDataExpander\CmsPageParameterMapExpanderPlugin;

class CmsDependencyProvider extends SprykerCmsDependencyProvider
     * @return \Spryker\Zed\Cms\Dependency\Plugin\CmsPageDataExpanderPluginInterface[]
    protected function getCmsPageDataExpanderPlugins()
        return [
            new CmsPageParameterMapExpanderPlugin(),
  • Remove deprecated CMS page collector data expander plugin registrations from spryker/cms-collector module’s dependency provider in CmsCollectorDependencyProvider.