Upgrade the CmsStorage module

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Upgrading from version 1.* to version 2.*

Version 2.0.0 of the CmsStorage module introduces the multi-store functionality. The multi-store CMS page feature enables management of CMS page display per store via a store toggle control in the Back Office.

The main BC breaking changes are:

  • Synchronization behavior
  • CMS Storage Dependency Provider return annotation

Estimated migration time: 30 minutes

To upgrade to the new version of the module, do the following:

  1. Update cms-storage to ^2.0.0 with the command:
composer update spryker/cms-storage": "^2.0.0
  1. Remove queue_pool=synchronizationPool behavior from spy_cms_page_storage table.


<behavior name="synchronization">
	<parameter name="queue_pool" value="synchronizationPool">

When completed, the above synchronization parameter should not be in the file.

  1. Make changes to the CMS Storage Dependency Provider: The return annotation for getContentWidgetDataExpander() has been changed.CmsPageDataExpanderPluginInterface was moved to CmsExtension module and should be referenced as such.


class CmsStorageDependencyProvider extends SprykerCmsStorageDependencyProvider
	* @return \Spryker\Zed\CmsExtension\Dependency\Plugin\CmsPageDataExpanderPluginInterface[]
	protected function getContentWidgetDataExpander()
  1. Apply the database change:
$ console propel:install
  1. Generate the new transfers:
$ console transfer:generate