Payolution request flow

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Both invoice and installment payment methods utilize the same request flow. It basically consists of the following requests:

  • Calculation (for instalment only): to calculate the instalment amounts, dues, and durations.
  • Pre-check (optional): to check the user information in order to make sure that all the needed information is correct before doing the actual pre-authorization.
  • Pre-authorize: to perform a payment risk check which is a mandatory step before every payment. The payment is basically considered accepted when it is authorized.
  • Re-authorize: to update an existing authorization if necessary.
  • Revert: to cancel the authorization step which basically cancels the payment before capturing.
  • Capture: to capture the payment and receive money from the buyer.
  • Refund: to refund the buyer when returning products.

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See Payolution - Performing Requests for detailed information on the requests.