Import Gift Cards data

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To learn how data import works and about different ways of importing data, see Data import. This section describes the data import files that are used to import data related to the Gift Cards PBC:

The table below provides details on Gift Cards data importers, their purpose, CSV files, dependencies, and other details. Each data importer contains links to CSV files used to import the corresponding data, including specifications of mandatory and unique fields, dependencies, detailed explanations, recommendations, templates, and content examples.

Gift Card Abstract Configuration Imports gift card product configuration information. A Gift Card Product is a regular product in the shop which represents a Gift Card that Customer can buy. The Gift Card Abstract Product configuration represents a type of Gift Cards with a code pattern (for example, “Xmas”, “Happy-B”, etc.). data:import:gift-card-abstract-configuration gift_card_abstract_configuration.csv product_abstract.csv
Gift Card Concrete Configuration Imports gift card product configuration information. This data is used to configure the amount of money that will be top-up (loaded) in the Gift Card. data:import:gift-card-concrete-configuration gift_card_concrete_configuration.csv product_concrete.csv