Create navigation content items

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This topic describes how to create navigation content items in the Back Office.


Make sure to review reference information before you start, or look up the necessary information as you go through the process.

Create a navigation content item

  1. Go to Content > Content Items.
  2. On the Overview of Content Items page, click Add Content Item > Navigation.
  3. On the Create Content Item: Product Set page, enter a NAME.
  4. Optional: Enter a DESCRIPTION.
  5. On the Default tab, for NAVIGATION, select a navigation element.
  6. Optional: Repeat the previous step on the needed locale-specific tabs.
Multi-language setup

The following logic applies in a multi-language setup:

  • Locale-specific values overwrite the default values when the banner is rendered on a Storefront page with the locale selected.
  • If the fields are not filled out for a locale, the default values are displayed on a Storefront page with the locale selected.
  1. Click Save. This opens the Overview of Content Items page with a success message displayed. The content item is displayed in the list.

Tips and tricks To clear navigation selection on a tab, click Clear locale.

Reference information: Create navigation content items

NAME Name of the content item.
DESCRIPTION Description of the content item.
NAVIGATION A navigation element to display in the content item. To create one, see Create navigation elements

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