Vault for Tokens overview

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Vault for Tokens provides the functionality to store sensitive data. This feature doesn’t have any GUI and consists of two modules: Spryker.UtilEncryption and Spryker.Vault.

Spryker.UtilEncryption provides data encryption and decryption functionality, and the Spryker.Vault module uses this functionality to store and retrieve data from the database.

Module relations of Vault for Tokens

The database structure includes the following fields:

  • dataType
  • dataKey
  • data

dataType and dataKey entries are used for the distinction between the provided data. Thus, multiple and various entries of data can be filtered and stored in the vault.

The database fields are mandatory and must contain either an empty string or a string with a value.

By default, we provide the encryption algorithm AES256. The encryption functionality won’t be used until ENCRYPTION_KEY is set in the project configuration file. You can change the encryption algorithm in the module configuration on the project level.

The feature supports special characters and different writing systems.