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Digital accounts receivable management based on AI collection services

collectAI is a software platform providing digitised, AI-based payments and collection services to manage accounts receivables. Covering the end-to-end process from e-invoicing and payment reminder to debt collection it flexibly optimises the goals of collection rates, costs and customer retention. In addition, the company offers payment links as well as business process outsourcing services. It uses digital communication channels and payment solutions for a frictionless checkout process. With its proprietary technology, collectAI fundamentally improves the customer experience, putting the needs and behaviour of the end consumer to the centre of the service. collectAI, founded in 2016, is part of Germany’s largest e-commerce retailer, the Otto Group.


  • Self-Learning AI for continuously better results
  • Numerous Communication Channels for an individual customer approach
  • Large Selection of Payment Solutions increases the conversion rate
  • Landing Page in your Branding for an individual brand experience - even when paying
  • Customer Orientation (UX / UI) leads to optimal services and satisfied customers
  • Flexible Integration across Platforms for easy implementation in your System

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