Enabling gift cards

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The Gift Cards feature is shipped with the following modules:

  • GiftCard: implements the basic functionality of the Gift Cards feature as well as the Replacement value-checking strategy.

  • GiftCardBalance: implements gift card Balance value-checking strategy<.

  • GiftCardMailConnector: responsible for sending e-mails on gift cards usage (balance change) as well as gift cards codes delivery.

  • Nopayment: implements payment methods if the price to pay is fully covered by a gift card.

To enable the gift cards in your project, do the following:

  1. Make sure you have the correct versions of the required modules. To automatically update to the latest non-BC breaking versions, run composer update "spryker/*"
  2. Require the modules in your composer.json by running:
composer require spryker/gift-card:"^1.0.0" spryker/gift-card-balance:"^1.0.0"
spryker/gift-card-mail-connector:"^1.0.0" spryker/nopayment:"^4.0.0"
  1. Enable necessary plugins. See the table below for information on available plugins, where to install them and value checking strategies they are used for.
GiftCardCalculatorPlugin Splits applicable and non-applicable Gift Cards. Creates payment methods for applicable Gift Cards. CalculationDependencyProvider::getQuoteCalculatorPluginStack -
GiftCardCurrencyMatchDecisionRulePlugin Doesn’t allow using a Gift Card with a different currency rather than the one the customer has used while performing the payment. GiftCardDependencyProvider::getDecisionRulePlugins -
GiftCardIsActiveDecisionRulePlugin Doesn’t allow using inactive Gift Cards. GiftCardDependencyProvider::getDecisionRulePlugins -
GiftCardDiscountableItemFilterPlugin Restricts using a Gift Card for another Gift Cards in a cart. The plugin filters out Gift Cards from discountable items. DiscountDependencyProvider::getDiscountableItemFilterPlugins -
GiftCardIsUsedDecisionRulePlugin As a part of the replacement strategy, this plugin does not allow using a Gift Card twice. GiftCardDependencyProvider::getDecisionRulePlugins Replacement
GiftCardMetadataExpanderPlugin Populates Gift Card information when it is in the cart. CartDependencyProvider::getExpanderPlugins -
GiftCardCheckoutDoSaveOrderPlugin Saves a Gift Card with populated data when an order is placed. Keeps Gift Card as an order payment method. CheckoutDependencyProvider::getCheckoutOrderSavers -
GiftCardPaymentMethodFilterPlugin Now, every payment method is compatible with a Gift Card in the cart. The plugin filters out all incompatible payment methods from available ones during checkout payment methods step. PaymentDependencyProvider::getPaymentMethodFilterPlugins -
GiftCardCheckoutPreConditionPlugin Confirms that a Gift Card is not used at the moment and that payment method amount assigned to the Gift Card is no more than the Gift Card amount itself.. CheckoutDependencyProvider::getCheckoutPreConditions -
GiftCardRecreateValueProviderPlugin For replacement: defines a Gift Card leftover. It’s simply a Gift Card amount for this strategy. GiftCardDependencyProvider::getValueProviderPlugin Replacement
CreateGiftCardCommandPlugin It is an order management system command to create a Gift Card based on a paid order item (a Gift Card item). OmsDependencyProvider::extendCommandPlugins -
ReplaceGiftCardsCommandPlugin For placement strategy: creates a new Gift Card based on leftover from the previous one. OmsDependencyProvider::extendCommandPlugins Replacement
IsGiftCardConditionPlugin This plugin is used to define an order management system state machine process routing. OmsDependencyProvider::extendConditionPlugins -
OnlyGiftCardShipmentMethodFilterPlugin Filters out shipment methods that are incompatible with Gift Cards. ShipmentDependencyProvider::getMethodFilterPlugins -
BalanceCheckerApplicabilityPlugin For balance strategy: checks positive balance on a Gift Card. GiftCardDependencyProvider::getDecisionRulePlugins Balance
BalanceTransactionLogPaymentSaverPlugin For balance strategy: persists a Gift Card during a payment processing. GiftCardDependencyProvider::getPaymentSaverPlugins Balance
GiftCardBalanceValueProviderPlugin For balance strategy: provides available Gift Card amount. Gift Card amount equals to logged transactions. GiftCardDependencyProvider::getValueProviderPlugin Balance
GiftCardDeliveryMailTypePlugin Sends an e-mail about a successfully issued Gift Card to a buyer. MailDependencyProvider::MAIL_TYPE_COLLECTION -
GiftCardUsageMailTypePlugin Sends an e-mail on Gift Card usage to its user. MailDependencyProvider::MAIL_TYPE_COLLECTION -
ShipGiftCardByEmailCommandPlugin An order management system command which triggers Gift Card electronic shipment. OmsDependencyProvider::extendCommandPlugins -
NopaymentHandlerPlugin A payment method placeholder that is used when an order is paid by only a Gift Card without a real payment method. CheckoutDependencyProvider::extendPaymentMethodHandler -
NopaymentCheckoutPreConditionPlugin Doesn’t allow placing an order with a price to pay more than 0 with a NoPayment payment method. CheckoutDependencyProvider::getCheckoutPreConditions -
PriceToPayPaymentMethodFilterPlugin Filters payment methods based on cart totals. PaymentDependencyProvider::getPaymentMethodFilterPlugins -
PaymentFormFilterPlugin Each payment method provides its subforms. The plugin filters them out based on an available payment method list. CheckoutDependencyProvider::getPaymentFormFilterPlugins -
PaymentCalculatorPlugin Distributes total prices to payment methods. Calculates price to pay to quote totals. CalculationDependencyProvider::getQuoteCalculatorPluginStack -